The Surgery DayProcess

After Settling in Your Accommodation

If you have arrived some days before the surgery, we recommend traveling and seeing around the beautiful city of Istanbul. For the best touristic views, districts, and areas, you can consult your patient representative. Even though we do not recommend tiring yourself so much before the surgery, it will help you relax your mind. Remember! The psychological process of the Lengthening surgery is crucial.

Preliminary Tests

While waiting for your surgery, you will be visited by nurses and doctors to be taken into preliminary tests frequently such as Preliminary x-rays, blood tests, height and weight measurements, and other tests if asked by your doctor depending on the patient. If all of your preliminary tests show that you are fit for having this surgery, the exact time of the surgery will be given and the waiting period will start.

The Surgery

Your Lengthening doctor will visit you at least 1 hour before the Surgery and you will be given your first anesthesia. Since lengthening surgery goes under general anesthesia, you will be expected to fall asleep completely before the surgery. Also, you should not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before the surgery. The surgery will take approximately 2-5 hours depending on the patient. The Surgery is done by placing the lengthening device into your legs.